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June 2, 2011


Yes that's right we have a new home! 
Come for a visit over at

May 24, 2011

Busy bees.

Today we thought we would take some happy snaps of what we've been up to of late. A mere snippet into what's in store for you guys in the coming weeks. Eeeep! We're excited.

May 18, 2011

Clever People: Rabia Lockwood from Ginny & Jude Designs

Some people you just click with, others well, let's just say it becomes awkward. This week's Clever People feature is a quirky lady we instantly connected with, designer Rabia Lockwood. We have known Rabia for a little over a year, not long in the grand scheme of things,  but we can honestly say that whilst the majority of our relationship was developed via email, she is definitely a good friend of ours. When spending time with Rabia three things are apparent - she is hilariously funny, she is an old soul at heart and she has the loveliest style we ever did see! So it's no wonder then, that she is the creative superwoman behind the accessories and design label Ginny & Jude Designs. Her pieces scream nostalgia chic and will instantly transport you to a time where elegance, poise and charm were sought after. Ginny & Jude Designs will be attending the Finders Keepers Market, this Friday night and Saturday at the Carriage Works Eveleigh in Sydney. A perfect opportunity to experience her little pieces of fancy!    

Who are you, what do you do and what is your weapon of choice?
I am Rabia Lockwood, Director of accessories and design label Ginny & Jude Designs. My weapon of choice is a pair of tweezers - when it comes to fine delicate work, they are no end of useful.

Where do you get inspiration for your craft?
Absolutely everywhere - someone looking pretty special walking down the street, the colours and shapes of leaves, song I hear, the fashion of yesteryear as it was advertised and printed in magazines of the time and the rather old fashioned idea, that as long as the foundations of your outfit are chic, then you can pull of some truly wild accessories.

You are every facet of your business, truly a one woman show. What motivates you?
Making lovely things so that discerning people can look special is motivation enough! I will also confess to an absolute inability to sit still and relax, so inertia is often very motivating. If the time comes where I can no longer think of interesting things to make, then I suppose it's all over. . .

If you could give your teenage self one piece of advice what would it be?
Simply not to worry too much, everything works out in the end. . . and I would assure myself that boys get heaps better after you leave high school.

If you were in hell what song would be playing on loop?
If they were to play house music, any house music on a loop or otherwise, I would be very unhappy.

Write a caption to this photo.

"Mr and Mrs Phlegge demonstrate knee-hopping, the latest dance craze to sweep suburban America."

And lastly what is your favourite piece from you new collection - Lastyear's kisses?
Oooh, this is hard. . . I certainly love the knitted knickers; I have had a rather strange desire for knitted knickers for some time, so to have them come to life is just wonderful and the warm colours and soft texture of the wool is just perfect. I also really love the Dearest Sophisticate wing headpiece. It's a deceptively simple piece - I can tell you that it is rather difficult getting all those feathers to sit in descending order just so! I am getting better and more patient at restoring these old pieces though, and this one is a good example of a well honed craft and it sits so perfectly on your head!

May 15, 2011


Image via here.

We have been lagging on the blogging front lately. Not on purpose, we swear. Blogging time has been scarce and whilst we would like to say it's because we have been off doing fabulous exciting things, that would be a lie. Generally it has been life that has been getting in the way. Of course there have been some fun things, like:

  • Catching up on some live music - Bob Dylan and Jinja Safari to be more specific. Jealous? Yeh we know!
  •  Attending Rosemount Australia Fashion Week - honestly? It appears more glamorous in photo form than it actually is, but we were still ever grateful to experience it. 
  • Finishing final samples of our Winter 11' range - Happy Campers (more on this soon!) and planning a very frosty photo shoot.
  • Watching the finishing touches being added to our very sparkly new website.
  • Being unusually social, which we have very much enjoyed and catching up with very dear friends over drinks and tea!
And with the good there is always the not so good:

  • We moved. And while this isn't a bad thing the inconvenience of packing and realising that we have hoarded alot o' shit over the last few years is a massive kick in the teeth. 
  • Ordering a lovely new and impressive camera for RAFW only to have it sit in Customs for two weeks and therefore missing the entirety of fashion week. Thats just ace.
  • Winter samples -  yes in the good and the bad list. Why? Cos we really had hoped to have them finished and up in the shop by now, alas they are taking a little longer than expected. Never fear though, we promise they will be worth the wait :)
  • And in between all this, there is the unfortunate need for me to partake in part time employment that is a massive gripe on my other life aka S+S!
So in conclusion may we just say that you have not been forgotten dear readers. Oh no! Quite the contrary. You have been in the back of our minds the last two weeks and whilst at times that is not a safe  place, what with all those neurons bouncing around, it is at the very least warm and squishy and it has spurred us to come up with some very exciting posts. We are even toying with some DIY posts. Tempting? You'll just have to wait and see!


May 10, 2011


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